As you may know, Apple will annouce their new iMac on October 16th (this thursday). In this event, the company will refresh its iPad lineup, possibly put a fresh coat on the Mac mini and they will finally release Mac OS X Yosemite (!). Apple hasn't really made changes to the iMac since Q4 2014 and the Christmas is coming fast, so the timing couldn't be better. So, without further ado, here's the 3 features I want in the new desktop machine that will make me buy it.

New display

As of today, the iMac 27" sports a 2K (2560 x 1440) display that is IPS and (most likely) 8 bit. While a 1440p resolution is better than what most desktop computer have nowadays, it is by no mean what Apple would call a Retina display. With quick maths, we discover it has a PPI of 109 (for comparaison, the new iPhone 6 Plus destroys it with a PPI of 401). To continue, the IPS part of the screen provides better colour accuracy and better viewing angles than a traditional TN panel. That's good. Furthermore, the iMac's 8 bit display can show millions (16.7M) of colours. Now, that may seem like a lot but, trust me, it's just as every other non-professional monitor. And, RAW photograph have much more colours than that (up to about 4.4 trillions). Now what I would like to see. For the resolution, anything that put the iMac in a Retina territory is awesome in my book. The rumours are according for an insanely high resolution display of 5K (yup, Apple is going to be skipping 4K)! That's 5120 pixels horizontally and 2880 pixels vertically (making the iMac in the beloved Retina space with a PPI of 218 - that's about the same as the 15" MacBook Pro's PPI). Finally, I would like a 10 bit screen on this baby. 10 bit would be able to display 1.07 billion colours; making the iMac much better than what it already is for content creation (though I really wouldn't put money on the table for this to happen).

Apple's 21.5" iMac beside it's 27" big brother

Improved GPU

The new 5K display will have almost 4 times more pixels than the current one - and that's hard for the GPU. While the fact that you can embellish your Mac with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M is great, this graphics processor just won't cut it with the high-res screen. And, it won't even support it as the top resolution tops out at 3840 x 2160 (that's 4K). So, Apple needs to make an upgrade to the GPU. Also, the new chip should be theoretically 4 times more powerful to provide the same performance as the current one. However, I think it would be silly if Apple left it at that - they should make it 5, 6 or even 7 times faster because, after all, the new iMac should an all around upgrade, not only in some area. My only fear is that the new GPU will make the machine cost a very shinny penny.

Support for more RAM

One thing I think Apple should never remove from it's desktop computers is the ability the add more RAM yourself. Right now, you can buy some Crucial Mac memory and deck out your iMac with up to 32GB of RAM. It's true that this a lot right now, but, if you plan to keep your shinny new iMac for a few years, the need to add more will eventually come. And that's what I want in the computer, RAM support for up to, say, 64 or 128GB. Maybe will Apple start using DDR4, who knows? (I won't place a bet on this one neither).

Apple's iMac with the current Mac OS X Mavericks



In conclusion, if Apple releases the new iMac with all of the above and keep the same pricing as right now, you can already charge my account. Let me be clear, I don't except Apple to make all those upgrades. However, I'm sure they will put on the new 5K screen and beefed up GPU. 



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