There was a time when everything electronic and computer related passed through an ugly black wire. That time is over. And I hate wires.

With everything add-ons you can (and need) to add to your computer, wires can multiples and take over your sanity. I think we should always strive to lessen the number of cables we use. Why use a wired mouse when you can perfectly opt for wireless Bluetooth one? Apple understands that very well. They put a Bluetooth chip and the best Wi-Fi antenna in every computer they produce - even if it's a desktop - and release keyboard (see my picture of it here) that don't communicate throught a copper wire . Here are 4 reasons why I believe cables should die:

1- They clutter up your desktop.

How many time have you tried to clean your desk up but realize a lot of thing can't be moved? For example, if you have a common desktop machine with two monitors (power + data wire), a wired mouse, keyboard and graphic tablet, an external NAS or a regular external storage device (power + data wire), using an Ethernet wire, micro USB and Lightning cables, you have yourself a nice mess of thirteen sneaky cords.

2- They limit you.

You know when you are comfortably installed with your nice, sleek laptop doing something you like (perhaps watching Netflix, YouTube, reading articles, etc...)... but you get that warning that no ones like - the one that alarms you that your machine is going to stop working. So, you get up, go grab the power cord, come back, plug it in the wall outlet and you comprehend that it's too far from where you want to be. So, you give up your cozy spot and get into a non-satisfying position.

Look at how the wires are covering the pretty Mac!

3- You need to transport them with you

Packing for a trip probably means stuffing your bag with some micro USB, Lightning, power and external drive power and data cables. What if you would not need to grab them? Ahhh, peace of mind, bag lightness and worrylessness of not losing them.

4- They cost more money.

But, as you know, you end up forgetting them plugged into the wall in the hotel room. So, you have got the need to buy so new one. A 1m Apple Lightning cable and the according power brick for your iPad mini is going to lighten your wallet by $38, or one 8th of the price.

In the future, phone won't have batteries, and every HDD will be wireless. How would you like a phone with an infinite battery? Yeah, me too. Companies like WiTricity are already pushing the envelope in term of wireless electricity. And TED speakers are showing the public how it's done. So, do you hate cables as much as me?