Apple announced the new iPad mini 3 and iPad Air 2 at its last event on October 16. In short, the mini 3 sports the same ol' A7 processor with the exact same display (2048 x 1536, IPS), the identical amount of RAM (1GB) and it occupies the same space and even weight precisely the same (331g for the Wi-Fi only model) than the previous mini 2. Just for kicks, it's big brother (though not thick, lol) enjoys the A8X chip, a 2048 x  1536 display, 2 GB of memory and weighs in at a feather light 437g. So, when the  fruit company revealed the details about  the "new"  iPad mini last week, I deeply wondered why the heck are they not putting the same internals in both of them, as they did up until now.

The iPad mini 3 in the three colours. Space grey, silver and gold

Then, it hit me. Apple wants the iPad mini to have the same relation that the MacBook Air has to the MacBook Pro. You know, the Air is lighter, thinner, less expensive and less powerful. And the iPad mini checks all the checkboxes of the list. It's pretty much the same thickness, it's 32% lighter, 25% cheaper and, of course, less robust than the Air 2. I guess it kind of makes sense because, these days, a lot of folks can easily do their  work on the tablet using Keynote, iMovie, Pages, Numbers as well as the Mail app. Want to get fancy with a lot of dynamics 3D Keynote slides? Use the iPad Air 2. Just desire to answer those never ending emails. You can opt for the iPad mini 3.

Now, I personally am not a fan of this new strategy. I own a iPad mini with Retina display (the 2) and love it for its size and for the fact that it sports the highest PPI screen of the iPad lineup. So, I'd like to have access to the same processing power on my mini that on my Air - and that's no longer possible. Anyway, just some food for thoughts.