Yes, I know, the iPod is the kid in the corner in Apple's device lineup. It's kind of forgotten and it represented only 1.18% of Apple's revenue in Q3 2014. They even discontinued the beloved iPod Classic for the fact they "couldn't get the parts anymore, not everywhere on Earth". I mean if you want a small iOS device, go and get an iPhone; it's more powerful, sleeker and you can have mobile data and, well, make a phone call with it. But I got myself a small mighty iPod Shuffle.

My iPod Shuffle

So, why? Well, it's so small, lightweight, and so though that's it's the perfect candidate for my use of listening music while snowboard, which is, hopefully, right around the corner here in Qu├ębec. I didn't want to use my phone as it would limit because I'll be scared to break it. Also, it's just to heavy and to big to be used realistically. With the Shuffle, I won't even notice that I carry it. I plan on clipping it the strap on my helmet as I can easily access it. To continue, the iPod Shuffle comes with 2GB of flash storage, which is about 500 128Kbps AAC 4 minutes songs. That's enough for a full day of snowboard. I'll just put my favorite jams in it so it won't always need to skip the current song. 

And, that's pretty much it.