On Tuesday, I put up a blog post talking a little about my new NAS and HDDs that I ordered. On Wednesday, they showed up in my mailbox. As promised, here's is a quick unboxing.  

Here is the box of the DNS-320L...

...And that's the inside of it. I think it's pretty well packaged and the unit seems to have had a pretty safe ride. The box to the right is where all the manuals and cables are.

Inside the said box, we find a quite useful Quick Install Guide, a big warning sign that says that the drives we put in will be wiped clean, a declaration on the D-Link's code as well as a useless CD that I did not even took out of the paper. There were also a small blue Ethernet cable and, of course, the device's power brick. And that's the end of the NAS enclosure unboxing.

With the enclosure, I ordered 2 3TB Seagate NAS HDD for setup in RAID 1. Knowing that a hard drive is fragile, I knew it was to come well packed with plenty of bubble wrap and stuffing paper. I was not disappointed. Shown up there is the box for only one one the drives!

Finally, here's is the HDD in is antistatic bag. 

I will do an explanation of how I set it up and how I use it daily in an incoming blog post.