Everyone who knows me understand that I have a thing for Apple Stores. I explained why on a previous blog and I have a personal project called Applephania which the goal is to make an image of every single Apple Store on planet Earth. On today’s blog, I list my 10 favorite Apple Stores, in order.

10. Apple Store Strasbourg

Apple Store in Strasbourg, France

This store is obviously a French one. Is it just me or does this retail location looks like an old winery that's is reputed? The place looks very charming and inviting. Also, I like the fact that the interior is different from others. You know how they are all designed with a modern, grey, metallic and industrial look and feel to them? Well, the Apple Store in Strasbourg is also gorgeous and well designed but it is colored with the same color scheme as the outside of it. Nice!

9. Apple Store Den Haag

Apple Store in Den Haag, Netherlands

I don’t usually enjoy mall Apple Stores. They are all the same! They don’t have any architectural points that makes them standout or their location is not special. However, this one is another pair of sleeve. I believe Apple wanted to recreate a Dutch batiment inside the mall. Look at the picture, the store is tall! I also like the curve in the middle of the frontage. Makes it differentiate. I believe the traditional Dutch architecture is one of the prettier one. Now, let’s enter the store. Man, this is breathtaking! I admire the design job of the contrasty dark pieces against the pale walls, floor and ceiling. Dutch, I’m telling you! Finally, it’s very expansive from the inside. You have the room the move around!

The inside of the Den Haag store

Apple Store in Xidan Joy City, China

Nested in the heart of Beijing, in the city’s shopping spot, this Apple Store is a combination of glass and metal. To me, it looks like someone took a massive piece a steel and carved a rectangle in it. Then, they put glass as the front wall and turned it in an Apple Store. As you can see, it is not the biggest retail location in Apple’s portfolio, but size doesn’t matter. Furthermore, I appreciate how it pops out from the other buildings around him (of course, that’s the goal of the photo but it’s still pleasant) yet it retains the same modern, cold look (it would be a childish error otherwise).

7. Apple Store Paradise Walk Chongqing

Apple Store in Paradise Walk Chongqing, China

As much as the previous Apple’s boutique was carved from a steel block, this one is extracted from a brick of stone. As I look at it, I can’t stop but thinking that it reminds me of a museum room or some kind of entrance to another world (which you could say it is, I guess). The considerable walking space on the front of it is element guiding to it. Just like every other Apple Store, the shop is very clean and on the lead of today’s taste.

6. Apple Store Kurfürstendamm

Apple Store in Kurfürstendamm, Germany

When I take a look at this retail location, I can stop seeing the Lincoln Memorial in my mind’s eyes. I always appreciated big Ionic columns on the front of buildings. Gives it a Greek allure. To add, the typical pale wood Apple demo tables and dark stool that are sprinkled in the inside of the batiment are beautiful, as always. There also is an impressive presentation/conference/concert room in it with spot light, a stage and all. Little detail: usually the pictures on the walls are mounted with either glue or a standout and there is light behind them but are pretty close to the actual wall. However, the images in this store are printed on canvases. Again, a small differentiation from the others.

5. Apple Store Puerta del Sol

Apple Store in Puerta del Sol, Spain

Spanish. Definitely Spanish. I perceive a harbor near the water in the 1500s when Spain was in the Great Discoveries game. The store feels charming and inviting. It blends so well with its building that we can think that the top is part of the shop as well, but it isn’t. One special note about that Apple Store; the inside is not all pale with almost white everything. No, the walls and floor are grey and the ceiling is dark wood. There is two floors. The top one is pretty much just a corridor without any tables, just the accessories walls. It looks down on the bottom floor.

4. Apple Store Zorlu Center

If you ever wanted a Apple Store that feels like it just emerged from the ground, this is the one. It’s glass walls look like it could be a bubble to where you could rest if there were a zombie attack somewhen. Also, the top is similar to the back of a 3rd generation or earlier iPad. I think that the picture doesn’t convey the sense of size this boutique carry. It is pretty big, though the image makes it feel very small and intimate. It is placed in what seems like a very busy and important area of Istanbul.

3. Apple Store Perth City

Apple Store in Perth City, Australia

That one is probably one of the only colored Apple Store. It’s not built in a traditional rectangle or square shape like most of them are made from. There is more texture and decorations to the front. I like that. What’s a little disappointing is that the inside is really not special. Just like the ones in the malls. My guess for the second floor is that it is either another retail space (for the accessories and what not) or a backstore area where they store all the products (that’s not so likely though). However, it’s still my third favorite Apple Store because of it’s awesome architecture and location. FYI: Perth is the fourth more populous city in Australia.

2. Apple Store Sanlitun

Apple Store in Sanlitun, China

That boutique is kind of an odd player for the second position because it doesn’t have a real crazy architecture or any other special feature. Or does it? I Iove that Apple Store because it look like a little factory. A modular factory. I feel like it’s the place where Santa make its gifts. Also, isn’t crazy that you can walk under it? Plus, the wall under the place where the two part connect is made from glass! Engineering marvel? Yeah! Sanlitun is the Fifth Avenue of Beijing. All the big boy luxury brands are there.

1. Apple Store Pudong

Apple Store in Pudong, China

It’s your moment of fame, buddy! This Apple Store is just crazy impressive! It is a cylinder made from circular glass. They must have built some huge custom machines to manufacture those pieces of glass. Also, the space around it is there to emphasize the glory of it. It’s right there near the Oriental Pearl Tower. Do you know what it reminds me of? The Mac Pro. I wonder how the illuminated Apple logo is powered because there are no apparent power cords. Furthermore, the indoor space is pretty large despite the glass cylinder’s shape and size.

After all this writing I realized that all Apple Stores have a few things in common. Firstly, they are gorgeous and exceptionally well designed. Secondly, they take architecture queues from the places they are in but manage to stand out. Thirdly, there is always a similar feel to them. From the photo style and processing to the famous glowing Apple logo passing by the tables and the way to display the devices. Finally, I noticed that there is not a single American store featured in the list. Maybe that is because I'm used to the North American architecture and am not so impress by it. Anyway, that what my 10 favorites Apple Stores.