As you may have notice, I enjoy Apple. I even have a personal project called Applephania which the goal is to photograph every Apple Stores in the world. So, why do I like them? 

1. They are so gorgeous

It's no secret that Apple is all about design. They even have an award. And they spend a lot on their store (between 8.5M and 10M). So I think the Apple Stores have a really modern look and their interiors are really well thought out. Also, the thing I  like the most about them is the fact that they are so different one from each other (the one in Düsseldorf vs. the one in Den Haag, for example) yet have a similar feel.

2. Their location is stunning

With a location portfolio ranging from Fifth Avenue in New-York, to the Louvre in Paris and Pudong in China, it's pretty safe to say Apple Stores are well located. That places them as prominent retail locations that play with the biggest luxury fashion company. It's always nice to see the how Apple play with the Lacoste, Marc Jacob or Gucci of this world when they don't even sell a single piece of clothing.

3. They showcase the products like a boss

In this video, Steve Jobs explain how he designed the Apple Stores based on the usage customers will get out of the devices (professional or traditional customer). I feel like it's really easy to go and experience the product you want to see. You are free to browse. That makes a pretty solid retail experience (the Apple Store employees help too). 

4. The staff is knowledgeable

Every Apple Store employee needs to study a big manual in order to give you the best experience. Now they also need to have a great knowledge to at least one specific category of product. And they get tested. So, if you ever wanted to know how to do something on an iPad, go and ask the iPad specialist, as they call it.


So that's a small overview of why I like Apple Stores. I think they deserve to get in my personal project.



P.S.: Stay tuned for my unboxings and reviews of my new monolights, stands, softboxes and paper background!