Today, I tried a concept I imagined a few days back. I think I'll start a little photo serie with Dr. Seuss' Oobleck being the primary component of the image. The concept is the show the sheer physical shape of an object on a pure colourful background. So, I'll walk you through how I made the first tried the picture.

The first step is too actually produce the Oobleck. This time, I added 600ml of cornstarch to 300ml of regular tap water. I then mixed them by hand by playing with it for about 5 minutes. Little by little, I added a total of 100 drops of yellow food colouring to mimic the colour of a banana. I really made sure it was all homogeneous and I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. At this point, I'm not sure if Oobleck was the right substance but I'll still finish what I started. Maybe I'll try again with some type of a different viscous substance. 

After that, I set up the photograph. I placed one speedlite  facing a piece of white foamboard at 1/128 + 0.7 power to fill a little the shadows. For fill, I used another flash at the left hand of the scene shooting through a piece of white acrylic (I talk more about white acrylic here). This one was at 1/32 + 0.5 power.

I took the Oobleck out of the freezer (it wasn't frozen, just a tad more solid than at room temperature) and poured it on the banana. It didn't react like I wanted it to. It just slid off the banana and spread out everywhere. It's not consistent enough. Maybe another substance will do the trick. I will pursue this idea for sure. 

Anyway, here is the "final" shot. I really wanted to only see the distinguishable shape of the banana but the Oobleck did not stay. I did not took it in Photoshop because the photo is trash and not worth it. Once I find the right formula for this picture, I'll let you know without a doubt.



P.S. Stay tuned for my unboxings and reviews of my new monolights, stands, softboxes and paper background!