While I was in Japan, I went to Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. There are three Apple Stores in Tokyo and one in Osaka (what’s cool is that none of them is in a mall - I prefer the outside boutiques). As I will always do, I will tell you guys a little bit more about how the photograph came about.

Simply put, it was my last day in Osaka before heading to Tokyo and boarding into a plane to fly back home. The day was not very sunny nor summer-like. Instead, we were treated with a soft overcast December day. Anyway, I still got into the subway and made my way to the Osaka Apple Store. As with pretty much every outside Apple Store, this one was situated amongst the big name fashion brands’ stores.

I was gladly surprised to see that there were not a lot of people on the street at that particular time (11AM, a Friday). I walked up to the little grass corner in the street and fired away. In summary, I made about four different compositions but used the first one as I found it was better.

In Japan, at that time of the year, the trees have the beautiful fall colours leaves on and I created the image with that in mind. I included the tree to the right and enhanced the colours in post. It starts to become a routine now but I also removed the poles and wire in Photoshop.

A simple shot.