A few days ago, I came across an awesome podcast from BlackRapid Radio (fun fact: I didn’t even know BlackRapid produced podcasts). They interviewed one of my favourite photographer, Tony Roslund. He is a product photographer shooting food, beverage and architecture. So, today, I wanted to share with you guys this good listen.

It starts off by Tony explaining briefly where he came from and how he got to be a photographer. Tony shares why he chose to be a product photographer instead of keeping the family business of portraits photography.

To continue, Roslund explains how his studio (Roslund Photography) works, what each people do and why they’re important. While they were cruising his portfolio, Tony says that a typical image takes a only a couple hours because the client only has a certain budget. That’s right. Also, an architectural picture requires often 50 or more composited images. Thanks, Photoshop!

Overall, the BlackRapid guys and Tony both discuss some of the images in his portfolio and a bit of how he’s doing them. I did not know that Tony was looking for a studio in Seattle (he’s now in Spokane).

After, the podcasters are talking about the photographer’s plan to create a workshop in Seattle and how the photo schools are not teaching how the bill a client, which will be included in the possible workshop. Here’s something I retained: if you teach folks about your craft and they become successful, the market will not be oversaturated but more and more companies will start looking into nice pictures because crappy ones just won’t cut it leading to an expanding market.

Towards the 30 minutes mark, the gang moved to talking of Fstoppers (fstoppers.com) and how the site got so big so fast. Finally, the case of the Fstoppers workshop in the Bahamas was discussed.

Anyway, just wanted to share that podcast. You can see Tony’s work at tonyroslund.com and the podcast here or here or download it on iTunes.