A proper camera bag is undeniably one of the most important piece of equipment a photographer can have. It should be strong enough to handle every situation a photog could throw at it and have a clever design that provides both equipment protection as well as room efficiency. It believe the Lowepro Flipside 15L AW checks the boxes.

First of all, the simple fact that the zipper is positioned at the back of the bag increases the feeling of security it provides. I feel like it’s less likely that someone would of pickpocket out of it because my back touches the zipper. Also, with no exposed openings, it is so much less likely that they are going to rip apart or get damaged in another way.

To continue, the suspenders are entirely made out of perforated padding which lets the air flows very well. You don’t really get hot. Also, they are very comfortable and have never hurted for me. There are places to hang stuff from, which is nice to include.

The “back panel” is made a strong foam with a design that lets air flows, like of pretty much every bag these days. On the inside portion of it, you have a super handy pocket where you can throw papers in (business cards, passport, etc…). The inside of the bag comes pre-divided with a design that was made to carry a DSLR with a small lens on. Just like a lot of camera bags, the interior is very customizable, though.

The one feature I can’t live without is the tripod carrying system on the side. I bring my tripod with me everywhere and could not really it that without this bag. How it works is fairly simple. First, you slide two legs in the two horizontal straps. Then, you pull the piece of fabric over them and close the third leg. Finally, you pull the second piece of fabric over and connect the clips.

A possibly nice element of the Flipside 15L AW is the removable interior recipient. In short, you can take out the whole inside compartment and carry your gear that way. There are handles and a opening/closing top. The funny thing is that I never ever used that and I don’t know anyone who has.

The AW in the name means All Weather. It basically says that there is a removable rain/snow cover stashed in the bottom of the product.

One thing I would of have wanted to see is more pockets. Except for the one on the side (to store a water bottle system) and the one on the back panel, there are no compartment. Also, the clip in between the two straps is not really well held in; it broke on me.

In conclusion, the Lowepro Flipside 15L AW is a nice little camera bag. At $86 (at B&H, click here), it’s very inexpensive. The compromises you’d have to make would be the lack of pocket and a overly simple design.