Here’s, sadly, the last Apple Store I went to on my trip Japan a couple of weeks back. It is located in the Ginza neighbourhood in Tokyo. What I did to get the shot is the following. 

Wanting to have a more diversified portfolio of my Applephania project, I decided I needed a daytime image. That’s what I did. After lunch, I took pictures of the Tokyo offices of a company based in Montreal. The location was nice because it was quite close to the Ginza Apple Store.

When I arrived at the Apple shop, I was in a bit of a puzzle because there were street or light poles covering the Apple logos on the angle I wanted. So, I decided to go across the street and have a composition where the edge of building was right in the middle of the photo (the rules are meant to be broken, eh) to carry the sense of symmetry the building has. Finally, I ended up removing the poles in Ps. As it is with most shoots, cars are a big problem. You need to stay for a while to fine that window where you can shoot without a automobile in your photograph. That’s what I did. As always, I did my bracketing and carried on when I was satisfied. Capture One Pro 8 and Photoshop included.