I am in Japan right now and that means I can photograph new Apple Stores for Applephania, In this short blog, I’ll walking you through how I took the image of the Omotesando version.

First of all, I wanted to get a twilight shot of the store. Having checked the sunset time for December 7 (4h27), I decided I should get there at least an hour earlier. You might think it’s too early but the truth is, when you’re in a new city, it always takes longer than you planned to get to somewhere. Also, I needed time at the location to find the best angle. Plus, it’s always a good idea to have more time to cover what you didn’t planned.

Anyway, getting back to our Apple Store, I arrived when the sun just started to diminish. The first thing I saw when I got there was how many cars there were. In front of it, there is basically 2 car lanes going in each direction, making for a total of 4. I tried to get a composition at a height where they wouldn’t affect the image too much but, hey, you got to deal with the challenges you are presented.

I set my tripod and began shooting away. I bracketed each image with one one stop over and another one stop under exposed so I could Photoshop bits and pieces in. It’s was going relatively well when a car parked just to the left of me (he covered the whole bottom left of the photo). So, I moved.

With a big tree and a subway station in front of the boutique, you do not have much option for a composition where nothing blocks the Apple logo and isn’t too obtrusive.

I continued to shoot my bracketed images. I soon realized that there was never a time long enough where no car was coming in any of the 4 ways. In post, I chose the best overall photo (best light, least amount of cars, best sharpness, better composition) and tweak the usual colour stuff (white balance, contrast, shadow and highlight levels, curves, etc…). Clone Stamp Tooled the big noticeable subway station sign cleaned up the product and what not.

So, that was the story of the Omotesando Apple Store and the making of it’s official Applephania photograph. There was also quite a big bit of Photoshop involved, trying to get the best result with what I had on hand. Thanks for reading and…