At it again, a new Apple Store Behind the Scenes. This time you’ll discover how the following image of the Apple Store in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Basically, this was the first Apple Store I went to. It’s at a walking distance from the hotel I went in Tokyo. After landing and taking the Narita Express train to the Shibuya station, I went to the hotel and dropped off my luggages. I rushed out to go to the Apple Store. 

Upon arriving at the location I saw the thing I hate the most, cars in front of the store (there are always cars). So, I waited to catch the small window between the moment where the first leaves and another one arrives. Of course, I prepared the shot settings and determined my framing. 

Applephania picture of the Apple Store in Shibuya

The vehicle left and it was my chance of getting the shot. I couldn’t easily get my tripod where I wanted it so it put the camera on a fence to get the least motion blur possible. I knew I wanted to to composite element in and out in Photoshop afterward so I set the drive mode on my Sony a7 to continuous bracketing taking one image one stop under and one over the correct exposure. 

Later in the night, when I got back to where I was sleeping, I uploaded the RAW to my NAS back home and started working on the photos.  I did some colour, sharpening, noise reduction and perspective work in Capture One Pro 8 (Lightroom used to be my main basic editor but the Phase One product is so much more powerful). Finally, the Ps part consisted in compositing, cleaning dust spots and making the image prettier, removing the weird green cast that spanned up the Apple illuminated logo and other small tasks. That's it for the Shibuya Apple Store. One more checked.