No single thing on Earth is perfect and everything should be always improving. While I love my Sony a7, it has some flaws or, rather, some features that could be included, which are not.


I’m a studio photographer so, I use strobe lighting and flashes all the time. Those units, in order to pop, require flash triggers. While it’s true that a lot of studio strobes have a feature that triggers them whenever they see another flash going off, you still at least need one transmitter and receiver to have your shot lit. Also, some flash units have a built-in receiver, which is handy. However, you still require a transmitter. But, what if the transmitter was built into the camera? Then, no receivers nor transmitters would be required to do the job. Sony could put one of those in the next a7 or a7R (since it’s targeted at studio shooters) and eliminate to need to buy the transmitter and its batteries and would make the whole process of studio photography nicer.

Now, I know that it’s not as easy as just putting a transmitter chip into the body of the camera because, I’m assuming, every strobe manufacturer uses a different wireless communications frequency. Sony could maybe reverse-engineer flash triggers and put a reliable variable frequency transmitter chip inside their next great camera. That would certainly make the camera stand out even more!

Sony, if you’re reading this, please integrate a flash trigger into one of your camera.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like seeing this in real life? Tell us below!