You know what happens, you start clone stamping scratches, dust and other imperfections to retouch your product or still life image in Photoshop and slowly start zooming in a bit. You want to get all of it out.

To make this situation more efficient and to ease your workflow, Adobe implemented a smart shortcut that makes navigating to another part of your image a breeze. Basically, you have to hold down the letter H while Left-clicking on your mouse (regular click). This will take you to a level where all of the image fits in the screen. While still having the mouse button down, move your cursor to the part of the image that you want to go to. Then, just release the button and the program will zoom back in to the same percentage that it was before! See it in action:

This was a little shortcut I use all the time when retouching photos in Photoshop in order to make my workflow easier.

What small trick like this one do you use? Share it with us below!