Following my tutorial on how to add a GIF to a Squarespace site, this one shows an easy way to add a PDF. It is really quite simple.

First off, create a text block and some dummy text that will be deleted afterwards into the webpage you want to put the PDF in. Select the text and click on the Link button. Press on “New File” and upload your PDF. You can now delete the dummy text. What you just did was that you uploaded your PDF to the Squarespace server. Even though your text is deleted, the file is still on some hard drive at the Squarespace data center (no worries, though, you can delete it for good later on if you wish to).

Now, add a Code block and, delete the Hello, World! code and make sure the type of code is set to HTML and that the “Display Source” checkbox is not checked. Then, paste in this bit of code:

<object data="/s/YOUR-PDF.pdf" type="application/pdf" width="300" height="500">
  alt : <a href="/s/YOUR-PDF.pdf">YOUR-PDF.pdf</a>

In order to have your PDF displayed, replace YOUR-PDF, with your PDF’s filename. If there are spaces in the name, put a dash there. Otherwise, Squarespace will not properly understand the code. You may play with values for width and height until you have something not to big not to large. Finally, you might want to use a Spacer block in order center the PDF in the webpage.

This is the easiest way I found to embed a PDF into a Squarespace web page. It isn’t perfect, as it can’t be really centered and there can be a grey border around your PDF.

alt : PDF-TEST.pdf

Embedding a PDF can be useful for displaying your resume, instructions about something, an event flyer, etc…!

What “hacks” have you found to make better use of Squarespace? I wish there would be more native support of things such as GIFs and PDFs, it’s not like they are not super standard file types!