Who doesn’t like a good and quick Photoshop tip? Today’s is designed to help you paint masks.

You know when you are painting a layer mask for an adjustment layer or to hide parts of a layer, you often have to switch between black and white. Well, no longer do you have to manually click on the small arrow in the tools panel. You can press the X key on your keyboard to switch the foreground and background colour that you’re painting with!

Since we’re at it, you can also change the opacity of the brush in a snap by pressing on a number on your keypad. This number represents the first digit of the opacity value. For example, pressing on 6 will the brush’s opacity to 60%. Also, pressing two number in a rapid succession will change the opacity. For example, smashing down 4 and then 3 right after will set the brush’s transparency to 43%.

Those two tips will save you a ton of time and will improve your workflow for sure! What small Photoshop tricks do you enjoy using? Share it with us below!