Sometimes, when you are working on the computer, you find yourself in the scenario where you have a bunch of images that you have to apply the same processing to. You might have to shrink them down to a particular size, convert them to B&W or to sRGB, bump their saturation, etc…. The list is endless. Fortunately, Photoshop has a way to apply the exact same processing to an enormous list of photos. Here’s how.


First, make sure that all of your files are in the same folder. This is required. Then, fire up the software and go up to File > Automate > Image Processor. The first step there is to select the folder where your files are located. After that, you need to select the destination folder where they will be saved. Photoshop makes a new file for each of the images. Then, the file type has to be chosen. Most of the time, I go with JPEG at maximum quality and I enable the conversion to the sRGB colour space. I also often choose to size the images down. Finally, and this is the most important step, you have to choose the action you want the software to perform on each photo. You can even add Copyright info. I often put my name there, just to let people know that this is my file. Then, you can hit “Run” and let the program do its thing. It’s quite satisfying to see it chew through your data in such an orchestrated manner!

You can now navigate to your folder and you should have your newly batch processed images!


This is a new trick that Photoshop has under its sleeves. It comes in very handy sometimes.


How did you used to batch process your image? Let us know below in the comments section!