The Sony FE 90mm is a super sharp lens introduced by Sony this summer. It is part of their premium G-series of lenses. When I first saw sample images that it produced, I was blown away by how sharp they were. I now have a confirmation that this lens is a beast, because it is the sharpest lens that DxOMark has ever tested, beating lenses several times its MSRP! Also worth noting is the fact that it scored #4 in overall score, which is phenomenal. As you can see from the screenshots below, almost all of the top lenses are either made by Sony or Zeiss. It’s crazy to think that Sony already produces such incredible products, even though the FE system is not even 2 years old! The a7 system is all mirrorless proving that those cameras can have higher image quality than “proper” DSLR.

Do you, like me, think that the Sony a7 system is such breath-taking? Do your prefer DSLR? Let’s start a discussion below!