Photographing products often requires the object to be shot onto a white background for a catalog or datasheet. Those photos, even though they may not be the most creative or fun to produce, do still require technical correctness. Your angles and perspective need to be correctly used. For example, if you’re shooting an item looking down at it from a ~45° angle, you will have to make sure your perspective lines are symmetric, equidistant and isometric.


Of course, some tools exist out there to make this process a lot more easier as well as a lot more precise. The tool I use allows you to place anchor points on your screen and measure the distance between them. For example, you can place a line (guide) in your tethering software going down from each of the four corners and measure the distance between the two lines on a same side of the product. That number should be the same. If those two numbers are different, you know you have to move the camera a bit because you are off-center. The application I’m using is called PixelStick.

Having the ability to measure things on your screen down to the individual pixel proves to be a really great helping hand. It takes out the guess work of anything during the photoshoot. Plus, PixelStick is free!

As a side note, another way to make sure your lines are set straight is to use the Keystone tool in Capture One Pro. You can fix lines that tend to converge under the effect of perspective in a really nice and easy way.

Those two tools are the ones I mostly use in order to achieve technical correctness in terms of perspective in my shots.

Do you use another technique to maintain a straight image? Post it in the comments!