You don't have to shell out big bucks in order to learn Photoshop. You don't even have to leave your house. You can just go online, on YouTube, watch tutorials, practice by yourself and self-learn! There are some very high level YouTube Channels out there dedicated to teaching Photoshop. Here are the five bests.


I have featured them before in my blog. The teacher is Aaron Nace, a recognized Photoshop professional that has been working his art for years. His company produces and distributes free (YouTube) and paid (“Pro”) tutorials that are several hours. The overall quality of the free videos on YouTube is excellent; mixing screencasts of Aaron’s computer with shots of himself in his new studio. He produces insightful videos that are definitely worth the watch.


With their TipsTuesday serie and many other videos, PhotoshopCafe covers a lot of ground. They are concise and quick to the point and provide very useful videos. This is, for sure, a channel to look for. The host is Colin Smith.


Tutvid is managed by Nathaniel Dodson. He posts tutorials that range in length from under a minute to more than ten. His very active #PSin30 serie of videos is particularly useful to learn a handful of very short yet uber-useful Photoshop tricks. Those are really golden nuggets designed to speed up your workflow. Check that channel out!

Photoshop Teaching Channel

The videos on PLC are more on the long side. They go in a lot of details and complement perfectly with Tutvid’s. I would say that their channel is more made to teach more advanced material and this is what’s unique about them. Also, they’re some of the only ones to make a complete video about the new features included with each large new release of Photoshop CC.


This last example is more of an hybrid learning channel. What I mean by that is that they not only upload Photoshop tutorials but also studio photography and gear videos. It’s the complete deal and all of their videos are high quality! 

Those five channels are worth your time in order to make you learn the industry standard software. Learning on YouTube really is an option!