Command+Z, arguably the most beloved keyboard shortcut in the world. It makes working on a computer a so much more enjoyable experience and so much faster too.

Have you noticed that in Photoshop, Command+Z only goes back a single step. If you want to go back several steps you have to hit option+command+Z, which is really annoying. By good chance, Photoshop lets you edit all keyboard shortcuts. To do so, go up to the Edit tab, down to Keyboard Shortcuts. There, click on the Edit tab to open the list of associated keyboard shortcuts. Click on the Step Backward row and press on Command+Z on your keyboard. It’s going to warn you about the fact that Command+Z is already in use for another action. You can ignore that. Just click on the Accept button and then on the Ok button in the right hand portion of the screen. Command+Z will not work as it does in any regular software, going back in time endlessly!


I think that you should perform that modification as soon as you download Photoshop. What other keyboard shortcuts make your workflow a lot more enjoyable? Share them with us in the comments below!