Learning product and still life photography doesn’t require going in a full time university program. It can very easily be self-learned at home on your computer. YouTube is home to tons of free content that offers high-quality and resourceful video tutorials. I feel like these next three YouTube channels are the best out there.

Karl Taylor’s

Karl Taylor is a renowned still life, architecture and people photographer. He currently has a lot of videos going over his still life techniques and also reviews and digital asset management tips. Karl maintains a ‘How To’ serie in collaboration with studio equipment manufacturer Broncolor and swiss photographer Urs Recher. His videos are really professional and show tried-and-true techniques. He is a definite must watch.


RGG EDU’s main mission in the sell amazing quality photography tutorials ranging from beauty photography to food and product photography, just to name a few. Those tutorials are several hours long and are available for download on their website. On YouTube, amongst other things, they share pieces on the main tutorial. There are several, watch-worthy videos about product photography issued from Tony Roslund’s “The Complete Guide To Product Photography & Retouching“. There are also clips from Rob Grimm’s food photography tutorial. I definitely recommend giving those guys a watch, they are of incredible quality.


Okay, okay, this one isn’t only on YouTube; it’s also on Vimeo. Combined, they have hundreds of videos. Much like RGG EDU, their main goal is to sell still life, CGI and product photography tutorials on their website. However, they do have several great videos on studio photography tips and technique freely available. They also periodically do live streams and critiques that are kept up there on the Internet. Furthermore, on their actual website, they write several blog posts a week on inspiration and tips for product photography. Overall, Photigy is a great learning resource and are highly suggested.

Those three educator are guaranteed to teach you something about product photography. They are a great starting point, yet are addressed to every skill level out there! What is your favourite place to learn product and still life photography? Tell us in the comments below!