On November 18, 2015, Sony will release a software update to the a7 II. It’s main feature is the ability to now save 14-bit uncompressed RAW files. Previously, the camera was only capable of outputting 12-bit “RAW” images. This is, for me, a very important addition to the camera. Technically speaking, it is supposed to add 12 288 more shades per colour channel, or a bit less than 2 trillion colours overall.


Now, this feature is directly tied to user request. About 10 months ago, Change.org member J.C. started a petition to push Sony to enable true uncompressed RAW output on the a7. More than 2000 Sony enthusiasts, including myself, have signed the petition back then. Well, Sony has listened and we now have a software update to show for it. The a7S II and a7R II already support this feature. It’s really nice to see that the company actually listened to its users.

I am shooting on the a7, and I, too, want this feature. The same sensor and processor is the both the a7 and a7 II. I’m not sure why they haven’t announced a software update for the a7 and a7R yet. Maybe they prefered working on the second generation first. Anyway, I’m quite sure that the hardware is capable of handling the update.

Sony also added phase detection autofocus to the A7 II and the ability the assign a custom function to the movie recording button. If you, too, would like to see all of the a7 series cameras be able to output 14-bit RAW, please signed the petition.