Howdy guys! Wanted to share another app I use and really like. This time it’s Adobe’s Illustrator Draw application - available for the iPad. Basically, it’s a drawing/doodling app that creates vector images and make it available on your Creative Cloud account (you don’t need to be a paid CC user, though). You can also make your drawings viewable by anyone in the CC community.

Ink and Slide

The Adobe Ink and Slide

The app has a ton of features. Some are that it automatically syncs with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop via the Creative Cloud Librairies or that these libraries are shareable with others for a seamless collaboration. It also has the integration of the Creative Cloud Market. That is useful for inserting royalty-free work in your drawing. It work marvelously well with Adobe Shape - an app that vectorises the real world by letting you take a picture of it with your iDevice and it running some algorithms to make it vector - to integrate even more in your doodle. It is also easy to publish stuff to Bēhance. Finally, the application supports Adobe’s latest Ink and Slide - the company’s first physical product. Ink is a “Creative Cloud Pen” that connects via Bluetooth to your iPad and lets you doodle better. It’s pressure-sensitive and features the Adonit Pixelpoint technology. Slide is only just a digital ruler that lets you make straight lines using your Ink. There is a $200 price tag for the pair.


The basic drawing space in Illustrator Draw 

How to choose the colour in the app

The User Experience is pretty good. However, it can be a little confusing at times. The drawings are arranged into projects and these are represented as cards with the drawings they contain displayed as thumbnails. I feel that the controls are a lot gesture based. For example, there is not back or forward button. Instead, you do a 2 gesture swipe in the left or right direction. Very Apple like. To the right of your projects, there is the Community Drawings section which showcases the best work from the Bēhance people. You can like them and get more info by tapping on them. To continue, there is the Illustrator Draw logo to the left hand of the screen which reveals the settings when you click on it. I won’t go in details there because I think people don’t care about it.

The app's homescreen

The settings panel

Let’s talk about the actual drawing portion of the app. Upon creating a new drawing, you get to a white page with the tools to the left. There you can select the size of the stroke it will produce, it’s colour and opacity. You can select a specific colour using a basic thumbnail view (though you can add colour themes and use popular ones from the community) or a more precise colour wheel. Included with the app, there are five brushes for different effects and an eraser. At the bottom of this panel, there is a layer button where can create, select and modify different layers. For your base layer, you can add a photograph from your device’s photo library, camera, Creative Cloud files or from the CC market. At the top right of the screen, there a few buttons including, in order, a share/feedback button, a Ink/Slide connect and configure pane, a shape insertion menu, a ruler option and full screen rocker. I really like the share options where you can seamlessly AirDrop your drawing to someone, text or email it to him or even share it on Twitter, just to name a few.

The shape insertion panel on the left and the share options on the right

Here's a video tutorial from Terry White on how to get from Illustrator Draw to the full-fledged Illustrator on a desktop

What I use it for?

To me, Illustrator Draw is a way to make a (super) quick note of an idea I have for a next shoot. Just like I said in this blog post about Google Keep, I make a record of the most things I can. You can see that my doodling skills are at a basic level but the purpose of them is not to create beautiful imagery. Just to remind me of my idea. Now, to be clear, I don't produce every idea I have because it may end up not looking as awesome as I envisaged it. Basically, it's my digital Moleskin - it and Google Keep are my digital Moleskins.

So that's it. Adobe Illustrator Draw is a pretty well constructed app available on your iPad. Go check it out.




Update: Embedded the new video tutorial.