In every one of my product photos, there is at least some form of sharpening. Even though I try to always use the best camera settings yielding the most out-of-camera sharpness, a little computer sharpening never hurts.

That is exactly what this action does. Upon the press of the F2 key, the selected layer will be duplicated and a Smart Sharpen filter will be applied to the image. The settings for the sharpening are: 150% amount, 1.6px radius and 10% reduce noise. Lens Blur removal is enabled also. Shadows and highlights settings are untouched. These should work for most of your photos. What I like about this action is that, with the press of a single button, you can have an important step of your workflow completed. It really accelerates things up.

You can instantly download the file by clicking on the button below.

What other steps do you like to automate in Photoshop? Let us know in the comments below!