Chances are, if you are a still life and product photographer, you want your shots to be as much in focus as possible. Heck, you even perform some focus stacking in order have it all sharp. Here’s a tip to help you quickly analyze the crispiest parts of your image.

Shooting tethered in Capture One Pro, you can enable the Focus Mask option by going up to and clicking on the rectangle button left to the triangle ‘danger’ button in the right hand part of the window. By default, the software will overlay a green mask on the in-focus areas. You can change the tool’s threshold and colour as well as the opacity (I keep it a 50%) in the program’s preferences. It works in many dating versions of the software, so it’s not required that you run the latest iteration.

Property of Phase One.

Property of Phase One.

I enjoy this feature because it makes it very easy and seamless to easily spot the sharp photos out of the bunch and provides a confirmation that your focus is set where you want it.


What other tricks do you have that help you obtain the desired level of focus in your photos? Share your thoughts in the comments below!