On November 30th, Phase One surprised everyone with the release of Capture One Pro 9. The new software adds a slew of new controls, some minor, some major. You can upgrade to it from C1P 7 or C1P 8 for $99 USD. The Sony-only version (which is what I am currently using) can be had for $50 USD. Here are the three features that I am the most excited for (in no particular order).

Camera battery indicator

Yup, the software now has a live indicator of the tethered camera’s battery charge percentage. I know it’s not the most revolutionary feature but it keeps the frustration of having your camera die on you out the way. It is a menu option that you have to enable.



Digital Asset Management (DAM) has been really improved in the new release. Specifically, the way we work with keywords is better than ever before. The refined Keywords tool is similar to what it’s been before. The real star of the show is the Keywords Library tool. You can attribute specific keyword databases to a session or catalog. That makes it a breeze to have your DAM done for a specific shot. You can even import .TXT files with keywords in them, which lets you organize you files even better. It opens up a whole world of inter-connectivity.

Masks from Color Editor


The Color Editor, a über-powerful tool that I use on virtually all my shots always had the ability to edit a specific colour groupe; you could make adjustments just to the Reds, or the Greens, or the Yellows, and so on. In addition, you can now save that colour mask and use it with other tools, such as the Local Adjustment tool. It will definitely save a ton of time and add another layer of control!

Phase One has uploaded quite a few videos on their YouTube channels describing and going over the software’s best new features.

I find the new software quite interesting. The $50 USD price for the updated Sony version makes it very appealing indeed! What do you think of it ? Are you a Lightroom person? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!