In still life and product photography, you sometimes need to take perfectly aligned photographs of a product in order to clearly show its design. Here are some tips on how you can get the most aligned shots.

  • First, always use a tripod. This goes without saying; you need a stable platform in order to make fine adjustments to your setup. I prefer 3-axis heads over the other types available.
  • Don’t try to eyeball it. While you may have the impression that your shot is nicely aligned, once you go on the computer, you’ll inevitably realise that you were wrong.

  • Use a lenght-measuring software on your computer. If you are photographing with your camera tethered to a computer, use program like PixelStick to measure the distance between two lines. For example, drag some guides in Capture One to the 4 vertical edges of a product and make sure the distances between the left edges and the right edges are the same. This tip is probably the most important of the bunch.

  • Get your camera leveled. Most cameras come with a built-in digital “artificial horizon”. It makes it really easy to level your camera.