What is one photography technique that a lot of landscape photographers use extensively? Panorama. Lightroom, in its last big update, introduced a HDR and panorama stitching algorithm, that proves to be really quite useful. Should Phase One include a native feature like that in Capture One?

The other day, I was making a panorama for my brother using Lightroom (I have Adobe CC so I just quickly downloaded it) and thought to myself that it is really convenient to do all of your work in one software. Then, I wondered about the Capture One update and how they don’t have anything to particularly attract landscape photographers. I mean, if they keep adding more and more killer feature to let edit your photos, maybe they should let you stitch frames and make HDR with them too, right? Maybe they should have a built-in focus stacker too. Maybe they should add an innovative on-screen shooting help (for example, automatically check if your horizon is straight). They have a superb Focus Mask feature that makes it really easy to check your focus. I think that, if they added at least one or two incredibly useful features, they could win some Lightroom users over. For my part, I would love a built-in focus stacker; it would speed things up a bit. Now, don’t get me wrong. I still think that Capture One Pro is an incredible piece of software with a lot of power, I’m just thinking that it would be even better if the software had some more built-in features!


What do you wish would be included in Capture One Pro? Share it with us in the comments below!