Using multiple devices for one’s computation need is nice. You can use the one best suited for each job and, thus, have the best experience possible. However, it’s not yet super easy to share between those devices without having to do a bunch of clicks. Share things like links, images, files, notes, etc…

Enter Pushbullet in the equation and those problems are gone. Pushbullet is natively available across Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Mac and Windows. The premise is simple; to “bridge the gap between your phone, tablet, and computer, enabling them to work better together.”

The setup is simple

Just download the apps on your mobile devices (for me, iPad and Android phone) and on your computer(s) (for me, MacBook and Windows desktop) and sign-in (I used my Google account on all). That’s it! It should be noted that you don’t need the full apps for the computers. You can just install the Internet browser plug-in and you get a lot of the same features.

The Android app is dress with Google's new Material Design

Using it

I’m using Pushbullet mainly to share links from, usually, my Mac to my phone. It’s not only useful on that part but it keeps a list of what you shared so It’s a link keeper of some sort. When you’re at home, your cellphone is not always in your pocket and Pushbullet allows you to see its notifications on the other devices. That means you don’t have to worry about missing an important SMS because it’s kept to your phone and you didn’t hear it. Awesome!

To share a link, just click on the icon in the Chrome browser and a panel pops up. You paste in the link you want shared and enter an optimal message and/or title. You can select to allow all of your devices to see it and even add other peoples to the party. It’s über-useful for collaboration. The same panel enables you to push a simple note or a file. It works with all file types.

Pushbullet also gives you the ability to subscribe to channel. A channel basically is a notification stream from a specific subject. There are only a few to begin with but the only way to create a personalized one is to set up a public channel that everyone can subscribe. I wanted a channel that works like an RSS reader and pushes notifications to all your devices when a new blog is posted. However, YOU need to share the links to the channel subscribers. It’s not the same thing.

Overall, Pushbullet is one of the most useful piece of software I use. It’s a clever little app that can go a long way. The design is wonderful. Long shadows and flat images everywhere. It’s incredibly fast, too. Less than a 0.5 second delay between the time you push something and when it’s available on other devices. To me, Pushbullet is essential for a better productivity and to unify all of your gadgets.