Every once in a while, we daydream about things like our future. I think that technology is awesome and will only get even more mind-boggling as time advances. Today, I’d like to share something I thought about for a while now. It’s about a part of how tomorrow will be.

I think - and hope - that we will all have a tiny chips inside of us that communicates with the rest of the world to provide insights on everything. The quantity of data we could create everyday is  Just to clarify people already have chips in them - think of pacemakers or look at this lady, who has a magnet and a NFC chip down in her hand.

What I’m thinking of is something that seamlessly share useful informations with persons as you pass by them and to a global network. Said informations could be basic things such as the exact traffic density as you are into it so a live map could update with the best routes (Google Maps already uses your phone’s GPS to do so) or they could be more useful like a detailed analysis of symptoms your body experiences as you have a disease (that could lead to a huge improvement in human’s knowledge of ourselves). Furthermore, those chips could pass along info like how your body is going when you can’t communicate it or insights on how the environment you're in is (pression, humidity, temperature, sunniness, etc…). All of this is amazing but what would be the ultimate future innovation is some kind of knowledge sharing where both chips could communicate, take in the other person’s knowledge that you don’t have, rewire your brain and make you acquire new expertise. In a matter of a few moments, everyone on Earth would know just quite everything we humans, as a specie, know. Just imagine how exponentially more advanced our society will become with so much understanding. Technological, health, agricultural advancements and every other aspect of life will skyrocket.

As awesome as it seems, I’m not quite sure about that one. If you can’t really learn anything (because you just “know” it) and you won’t really need to do anything since life will just take care of itself (with all that advancement, Artificial Intelligence will be ubiquitous), all we’ll have to do is live. And that’s very dangerous because we need some kind of purpose and to have to accomplish actions we don’t really like in order to be emotionally sane. I think that for a moment the new chip thing will be incredible for society but shortly after, we’ll all go into a deep depression. Sure, we could rewire our brain yet again to control emotion but is that ethical? On one hand, you could say that since we are capable of going that far with technology, we should because that’s how nature wants it to be. On the other side of the coin, maybe our intelligence and problem solving skills as humans are just plain “luck” and we should not blindly answer such impactful questions. It’s our future, after all.

Not only will we be able to put a microchip in ourselves, we will make our own organs and body part. With the advancement in 3D printing we’re seeing these days (we are able to print pizzas), I think one day, if your heart goes bad, you could go online and get yourself a replacement. By being able to replace every part of your body, we would be able to live for a very long time. I think there are both advantages and disadvantages to this. First, each “human” would be very skillful, intelligent and have lots of knowledge. However, there are going to be hundreds of mans at one said time, and the Earth isn’t big enough. Barely enough for what we have now!. Both the microchip and replacement organs could be running off the body’s heat if they can’t use the default blood system to get their energy from, as Intel had CPU using a tiny 1.4W of power, in 2009.

That was an idea of what the future could be. Of course, we could go into many directions but that was a part of one suggestion. One thing to note is that we should be extremely careful about tomorrow and AI (Tesla’s founder Elon Musk is also concerned about it). What are your vision of the future?