, a website created by commercial photographer Alex Koloskov, is filled with resources for product photogs, from beginners to advanced. They have everything from gear reviews and suggestions to really advanced tried-and-true photo techniques. There also are some live webinars recorded by Alex himself, but you've got to be a pro member to have access to them.

One of the thing I love about the site is that there is a lot of free content that are useful for just about anyone. Almost everyday, a new blog post written by Alex or one of the number of collaborators is posted and we can expect to find anything from gear review, news, BTSs, etc... Furthermore, you can watch a lot of free basic courses on photography. The meat and potato of the site are the paid “premium” courses. They range from splash photography to jewelry and advertising and are from $45 to $495. Also, you can pay to be a member of the Pro Corner. It costs $649/year and gives you access to the live in-studio session from Alex, portfolio reviews, assignments and critique of your shots, more in-depth tutorials, a listing on, the forum and some Q&A webinars. I have first discovered Vadim Chiline, a photographer I interact with, on that website (from the business listings).

So that’s Photigy. They post regular content and I highly suggest you to go take a look.