The official image

Hey guys! I wanted to quickly share with you my new portfolio piece. It is a picture of a wood sculpture from Easter Island that my brother brought back a few years ago. What I like about the photo is the drop shadows. I think that they are really well Photoshopped. Also, I enjoy the tones of the whole picture and the off white background.

As always, the whole thing took a lot of time in Photoshop. Fortunately, I did not have to do any focus stacking as the artwork is pretty flat. Here’s a before and after comparison between the very first original RAW file and the final photo after all the post-production but, of course, before been composited.

I debated heavily on whether or not to add a white border around. I feel like it looks better. The only problem is that the background of this website is also pure white so the border would disappear. To resolve the issue, the made the contour almost white but not exactly (97% lightness on the gray scale). What happened then is that it looks weird the have a border of almost the same colour as the rest of the website going around the photo. Finally, I settled on keeping the white-ish border because I feel like it's not too much distracting and adds to the photo.

Finally, just for fun, here’s a lively and somewhat boisterous GIF.

I hope you appreciate my image as much as I do! Do you have any comments? If so, leave them below!