I’m a big fan of using workflows for everything that I do. I’m very organised. Also, I like sharing with you the workflows behind how I work. I previously posted my workflow for actually taking and making my images and now I’d like to share with you how a blog post gets posted from start to finish.

Google Keep/Drive/Docs

Those who know me say that I'm a big proponent of using Google. And that's very true. One of the product of Google that I use the most is Google Keep. Whenever I've got an idea for a certain blog, I drop it there. The idea here is to have a long list of blog stuff I can always refer to when comes the time to actually start writing the article. And when that time arises, I open up a new document in the folder called "Blog" in Google Docs. The date is always the same; YYYYMMDD (for example, 20150309). That allows me to always be able to search quickly the specific blog that I want. It should be noted that I never put the actual images in the Google Docs document.

Image Search

After the whole article is written, has being proof-read and is error-less, I search for any images or content that I want to put into the text. Sometimes, I may create some personalized images in Photoshop so it's more interesting. That's not usually very long and when I've got all the images saved on my desktop, I group them in the folder with the same filename as the Google Docs. After that, I upload this folder to my NAS and erase it from my desktop so it's clutter-less.

Put Into Squarespace

The final step is to copy and paste the text into the new blog dialog box on Squarespace. I make sure that all the titles are properly sized and are bolded if needed. I also do upload the photographs using an image block. Sometimes, I use something like the gallery block to create a carousel or slideshow of images. That makes the blog more interesting and more interactive for you guys. The next part is to actually add some tags to the blog and put it in certain categories. The tags and categories allow for a fast blog search. After, I select the appropriate time for the blog to get posted. I usually set a time in the afternoon because studies have shown that that's when people are more active in the Internet and I have more chances to read my blog. The next step is to choose whether or not I will share it on social media such as Twitter. If I do, and the blog is not yet posted, I will go into the Options tab, copy the URL and then go to a service such as bit.ly to shorten it. Finally, I'll use something like Tweetdeck on the desktop or Buffer on my smartphone to schedule the tweet so that it comes out at about the same time that the blog is released. If it's an important piece of content, I will share it multiple times.

Copy on Quora

Maybe you didn’t know but I copy every blog post to Quora. That allows more people to read it and it links back to this site. The process is as simple as: 1) add a blog post, 2) copy and paste the article, 3) add where it originally appeared, 4) fix the little formatting errors and 5) post it.

So that was my blog writing-workflow. I know it's not the fanciest nor the best but it works for me and I like it. If you guys of blogs, what is your workflow? Let me know in the comments below and see you later!