At the beginning of the year, I printed postcard mailers from Vistaprint. Now, they were really inexpensive and are starting to run out. I feel like they are too thin and just seem too “normal”. I want to stand out more. So, to achieve that, I today imagined a new pack of mailers. This blog post will be very short.

In The Box

Since there are more than one pieces in what I’ll send, I’ll need to put them in a envelope. I will not use a basic cheap white envelope. Maybe something like a padded yellow/brown package. I’ll put a little round sticker with my logo on the seam.

Then, when you’ll open the package, you will see 6 pieces. There will be a business card, a custom handwritten paper note with my logo and info on it and 4 little square that, once assembled like a puzzle, will show a QR code on one side and a message on top of a photo onto the other side.

The business card would be embossed with my logo on the left and my infos on the right. The other side would have a photo of mine with the word HI. in the bottom left corner. I want these to be thick and feel premium and high quality.

Then, the notepaper will have my name and logo at the top and the rest of my into at the bottom. The rest will be filled with lines for text (not too much though). I also want this to be thicker than a regular sheet of paper, but not too much because I do not want to give the feeling that it’s cardboard. The paper itself will be white and the flipside will sport my logo.

Finally, the 4 little square cards will be 2.5 inches wide and they are going to be matte on both sides. They will come stacked up and a band of paper will wrap around to hold them in place. When, properly arranged together in a 2x2 configuration, you will get a big QR code with, once again, my logo embedded in the corner. When scanned, this QR code will take the visitors to a secret URL on my site where a hex colour code will be generated (for example, #31388d. The code will serve as a 10% discount on their next contract. Each time that page gets visited, a new code will randomly be generated and an email will be sent to me containing the code that got spat out so that I can approve the discount later on. Why an hex colour code instead of a good old regular number? Well, since we’re a digital photography business, it goes well with the theme. Maybe an accountant could use a cash sign accompanied by a number with 2 decimal places? The other side of the 4 cards will say something like Let’s Work Together or Let Me Create Your Product Photography on top of another photo of mine. I’m printing these with Moo What’s cool about Moo is that you can add another design to each card. So, I can make every set of 4 cards different!

The goal with the little “task” that the receivers have to accomplish with my mailers is to get them to spend more time with it, thus making me more likely to be remembered. Also, the QR code and the 10% discount gives them a reason NOT to throw all away.

The whole thing will be designed by me in Illustrator. I’m sorry I don’t yet have images.

So, that was my first idea for my next mailers. It think it’s quite cool and I love taking the time to prepare it. Photographers: What are you doing for your mailers? Clients: What do you think of this idea? Let me know below!