I have talked a lot about Savage Translum in the past. One of the use that I have for it is to put a layer of diffusion in front a strobe’s reflector. I used to utilize pieces of Duct Tape to tape a 13.5” square of Translum onto a 7” strobe reflector. The problem with that is that, after a few moments, it would refuse to stick and always fall off. That was very annoying. So, I found a really easy solution to my problem.

Most reflectors have a little hole on their side in order for a umbrella’s pole to pass through. We want to drill another perforation on the flip side on that one. To do so, I measured the distance from the side to the first edge of the hole that was already there. I turned the reflector 180° and metered the distance I got from the first measurement and added a small piece of masking tape in order to mark the location. Then, I used a ¼” drill bit and holed the reflector. It’s really thin metal so be careful while drilling

Ready to drill

The next (and last) step is to make two little holes onto the square piece of Translum. Each are at the horizontal middle and one inch from the edge. In my case, I used a power tool because I didn’t have access to a tool to make holes in paper. Of course, if you have a hole punch, then use it, your results will be cleaner.

So that was pretty much all the work needed. Just take two pieces of wire and attach the diffusion sheet to the reflector and you are good to go! This way, you will never have to lose time trying to deal with tape that isn’t sticky again!

The finished product

That was just a little tip from the studio. Do you like this type of content? Let me know below.