I don’t like actions in Photoshop nor presets in Lightroom because I feel like, if you have a particular retouching (everyone does), they ruin all the personality that would be in the shot and give every photo the same look. Also, if all you do is press a button and all the styling is applied, then what do you learn?

However, I do believe that actions that set up and prepare a tool or technique in Photoshop are useful and have their place in our workflow. They save time. So, I wanted to give you guys 3 free curves that are useful when taking out dust in a product shot. They make imperfection spotting so much easier. I use them in pretty much all of my retouching.

The three actions are each a different curve to help spot the dust while Photoshopping. The curves are basically a roller coaster with 4, 6 or 8 point going from 0, to 255, to 0 again… This adds insane contrast to the image, thus revealing every detail. The more points there are, the more contrasty the image will be. See below.

The 8 Point Curve

The 6 Point Curve

The 4 Point Curve

If you’re using the Healing Brush Tool to retouch, make sure to have it set to sample the Current Layer. Otherwise, everything will be messed up.

Make sure the Healing Brush Tool is set to Current Layer

To install the actions in Photoshop, just download the file below and double-click on it. Photoshop will then automatically open and the actions will be installed.

I hope you will use my actions! Tell me how you find them below!