Adobe Photoshop, as a very complete program, lets you edit its existing shortcut list. You can do anything there, from adding some new ones, to modifying and erasing others. After years of working with the software, I have found many shortcuts worth adding to the list for any commercial still life and product photographer out there. Here are three.

To access the keyboard shortcut list, press ⌥+⇧+⌘+K (Alt+Shift+Command+K). From the resulting window, you have access to the shortcuts. You may also like keeping an eye on that page on Adobe’s website to have a quick reference to the entire list.


The first timesaver I’m showing is not used by anything by default, so it makes it an impactless candidate. I suggest you use that key combination to bring up the Gaussian Blur filter, admittedly the most used type of blurring filters. Why is it useful? Well, when you’re using Layer Masks or Dodge & Burn layers and you’d like to soften the edges of the adjustment, having the ability to do so in a pinch is really appreciable.


In the same fashion as the first new shortcut, this one brings up the Noise filter. It’s true that it sees less use but it’s still really handy when wanting to add a certain randomness to, for example, a layer mask in order to make it blend even more in the picture. Just like the first one, you can find both shortcuts in the Filter sub-menu of the Keyboard Shortcuts and Menu dialog box.


The last one for today’s short post is a keyboard shortcut that brings up the Action panels. Yes, there is a default key macro to do exactly just that (it is ⌥+F9) but the problem with it is that, other than the fact that it uses not-so-much-used keys, you can’t directly access Functions keys on the Mac (they default to the media keys, which you can change but I do not wish to do so). I consider having the ability to bring up the Actions rapidly something nice in my commercial photography workflow and, so, I came up with the ⌘+/ shortcut. Right out of the box, it is used to show Photoshop’s Help so it’s no big loss for me.

Did you ever changed Photoshop shortcut before? What did you modify?