Recently, Photoshop, along with the suite of CC apps, has been updated with the 2015 release. Each and every app has received a boatload of new features and today I wanted to highlight Photoshop’s most useful additions for a product photographer.

Noise in Blur

First off, Photoshop has finally added something I’ve been doing manually for a long while: the ability to add noise into the blur effects. Before, if you wanted to blur something, be it an actual part of the image or a layer mask, you would blur that zone and the result would be to good. What I mean by that is that the blur also affects the noise in your image that’s always present, meaning that the blurred bits are rendered fake. So, you had to finish the blur effect and add another Noise filter on top of it using a Clipping Mask. Now, though, you can move a slider in a Blur filter and the noise will be added back in one shot. It’s convenient and it saves times and makes your layer panel less cluttered.

Healing Brushes

The Patch tool, Healing Brush tool and Spot Healing Brush tool have received updates that allow them to show you a real live preview of what they are going to do. Also, Adobe says that their results are 120 times quicker than they were in CS6.

Less Energy

The last feature is one that won’t really change much in your workflow but it’s really nice to see that Adobe is thinking of that also. Basically, Photoshop will use 80% less energy in standby than it used to. That means that your laptop will have a longer charge and that your electricity bill will be (a bit) lower. However, that got me thinking like: “Will Photoshop actually use more electricity than before while in use?”. The live Healing brushes must take more processing power. Anyway, it’s still a very welcome addition to the suite of new features.

So, to me, these three new features are the most interesting. There are a few others but they don’t give me as much benefits. You can see the whole list on Adobe’s site.

What additions do you like most? Have you updated the software yet?