The last of the two Apple Stores in Chicago is the one in Lincoln Park. This one, just like the shop on North Michigan, is full-fledged and outside (it is not located in a mall). It’s right next to a subway station and that makes it very easy to access.

To change things up a bit, I decided to go at there at sunrise (which, in early June in Chicago, is 5:15AM) and do a vertorama. A vertorama is basically a regular panorama but vertically. The shot would be straight on. I actually had to take the subway to get there from my hotel and, unfortunately, that took a bit longer than expected. In consequence, I arrived a bit late. As expected for being outside so early, pretty much no one was out and not many car were running. That is a plus that just made the whole process a lot easier and faster. To shot the vertorama, I set up the tripod making sure every lines were straight and the perspective was okay and started shooting right away. I did a three shot bracket (one stop under and one over) for each of the five positions the camera was in. I would say that it was the quickest Apple Store shoot I’ve done.

The final image is as presented.

As you can see, I tried something different this time. It’s a combination of 4 images.