A few weeks ago, Apple, at WWDC, announced Metal, a new API that promises incredible performance gains.

Now, what does that means for photographers? Well, when El Capitan (the new Mac OS that will support Metal) will ship, in the fall, and when Adobe will update its CC apps (which it said it will do), Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and other CC programs will see a real speed boost. In fact, Adobe said that it saw After Effects render out a project 8 times faster than without Metal. Honestly, that update will be bigger for video work but will still be greatly welcome in photo apps. Once Apple’s El Capitan comes out and once Adobe rolls out the apps that will take advantage of Metal, I will do a few performance tests to see whether or not it’s such a big deal for commercial product and still life photographers.

Are you as stoked as me with the announcement? What do you think? Share you’re thoughts with us below!