When Phase One released Capture One Pro 8.3 a few days back, some new features were introduced, mainly changes to the tethering tool. I wanted to try it out but, using Capture One Pro (for Sony), my a7 didn’t connect at all to the computer. That forced me to downgrade to 8.2.

However, they released 8.3.1, which fixes my connectivity issue. My camera now connects faster than ever and I can talk about the new features.

New Camera Panel

The former capture tool displayed your connected camera’s setting in a list and only went over the few basics ones (such as the exposure triangle and white balance). However, now, the info are displayed like they would on the top screens of some cameras. It’s nicely presented and it makes it quite easy to change a parameter. Another thing I’ve noticed was how much faster the settings refreshed in one place when you change them in the other (for example, your camera and your computer). It’s almost instantaneous albeit there is still a lag if you look for it. A second big addition is the fact that you can change a lot of things right from the computer (a lot more than before). You can modify the file type, file size, burst settings, focus, and many, many others. You have the ability to see the battery percentage and focal length and you can even set up some settings presets.The file delivery’s also faster.

Cropping Overlays

The last new feature is the ability to add composition overlays in the cropping tool. You have Golden Ratio, 3x3 (which is the Rule of Thirds overlay), 4x3, Center Cross, Rectangular (you can select the number of columns and rows) and the Fibonacci Spiral. You can also change the colour to something you can better see.

Those were the new features and addition to Capture One Pro 8.3.1. While it is heavily focussed on the tethering engine (which I like), Phase One used the occasion to add some desired crop overlays.

What’s your favourite new feature of Capture One 8.3? I certainly like the new Camera Settings.