Having ran out of my previous VistaPrint postcards, I decided to go with MOO and order some other because of the good reviews I read online and of the sample kit they send for free. I received them a few days backs and wanted to share my thoughts about them.

First things first, MOO offers every customer on every postcard order the ability to print up to 10 different design/images on the back of the card. The front has to be the same though. So, I chose to print 4 images of my portfolio on the back and a design with my infos and space to write on the other side. One image I uploaded was the FitBit composite on black background. I wanted to see how deep the blacks would be and I have to say that I would have liked it to be a stronger. I find that the print could use a bit more contrast. That seems to be the biggest con I have with them, though I’m sure that this issue would be at least partly resolved with a glossy print.

I tend to prefer a matte finish and so that's what I chose. I really enjoy seeing how it came out. The feel is great and the cards are thick enough (not like the VistaPrint ones). They were not the Luxe ones but still felt great. I wish MOO offered sizes options because I think I'd like a bigger card (the only dimensions are 148mm by 105mm).

One thing I have to say is that I like is the packaging. Not that it's overly protected in bubble wraps (the cards are placed in pack of 50 in a box and there's a cover that slides over). Rather,  it's more that the design is incredible. It's as good as opening an Apple product and it proudly sports the MOO brand identity. Other companies should take inspiration from this. The actual cards themselves arrived in pristine condition without any bent corner (even the first few ones in the box). So, what do I think if the packaging? It's great.

Now, the real question is: How's the print quality ? Well, it's quite fair for postcards. The actual photo is sharp enough and it’s not pixelated (though that really has a lot to do with the file that you supply them with). The colour accuracy and reproduction is dead on and overall, it’s great to look at. The only grain of salt I found was that some kind of white particles are present on the black part of the FitBit image. Again, it’s pure #000000 black and so it’s one of the easiest colour to have problems with. However, it’s not present on all the cards as it is random. Now, if we flip the mailer to the other side, things differ. The design I sent was composed of strictly vector lines and that affected the result. If you look close, you can see that the lines are composed of tiny dots (which is normal since that’s how they print it). It’s just a bit different than looking at it when you're used to a Retina display. All in all, I don’t feel like the print quality would be a problem and I’d rate it a 8.2/10.

I’m pleased with my MOO purchase and I’d say that if you’re in the market, you should strongly consider them.

Have you used another company to print mailers or something else before? Did you like them? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below.