If you're any kind of photographer, you likely have some kind of backup or saving workflow for your images. For my part, for commercial still life or product images specifically, I like to save three different files of every image. First, there's the PSD file which role is to be a master file. I want the biggest colour space (ProPhoto RGB), the full resolution, every layer, effect and adjustment. I want to have everything about that photo on that file. Better safe than sorry. Then, there's the TIFF file. The colour space is still ProPhoto RGB, the pixel count is still 100% and there's no compression. However, all the layers are squeezed down into one. This file type is useful for making composites. Finally, the last file type is JPEG. This one is the one I'll more often than not turn in to the client. It’s scaled down to 2500 pixels on the longest side, kept at 100% quality and converted to sRGB.

In order to automatically execute those tedious tasks, I've set up an action that makes those files for me. You can get it into your computer by clicking the "Download"  button. There are two things you have to keep in mind before pressing the "Run" button. First, the name written on the tab at the top while you’re working on your file will be the one that all the files will be saved with. Secondly, you’ll need to have a “PSDs”, “TIFFs” and “JPEGs” folder as these or the ones that Photoshop will be looking for in order to save your files.

I hope you liked this Photoshop action! What are some of your most used actions? Share them with us in the comments below!