If you want to grow your skills as a photographer, one way to do so is to experiment with new stuff yourself. This does work but it’s time-consuming and can lead to a lot of frustrations. So, one may watch tutorials and then apply to techniques he sees into his work in order to practice.

On that note, I wanted to show you the wonderful work the guys over at RGGEdu do by putting together top-notch photography tutorials. Their products are downloaded packages of video files, ebooks, .PSD files and more that you can purchase. They cover subject such as product photography, food photography and fashion photography, amongst others. The driving head behind the company is Rob Grimm, a professional food and beverage photographer. Every tutorial is taught by an expert in that particular photography field. For example, Tony Roslund, a shooter from Spokane, Washington, is teaching the product photography tutorial.

What make their products so great is the quality on the content. Not just the actual learning part but the photographic quality also is really appreciable. Their clips have many angles, with motion and are colour graded. Also, they include ebooks that condense what you learned in the extensive tutorial into something you can easily reference back to when you’re on a shot. Finally, they don’t just go with the actual production part on an image but also touch on pre- and post-production. Included are .PDS image files so that you can practice your retouching skills on the same material as they use to show you. If you’re looking for a quality photography, maybe try RGGEdu.