B&H has what they call “DealZone”, a super deal on a product every single day. Recently, they offered the Manfrotto 294 tripod with 804RC2 3-Way head at a discount and I took advantage of it. It is the carbon fiber variant of the 294 tripod.

The main advantage this one has over what I use right now is it’s height -- it can go up to 71.26”. This really helps when shooting ISO view shots of products when that product is on a C-Stand which is already pretty high. Also, the tripod is going to be a lot sturdier and this is really one of the key characteristics to look for. Finally, the 3- way head will allow me to lock that shot in place and have a rock-solid anchor point to do things such as focus stacking.

I will try to do a review of the tripod in the future (I haven’t received it yet). Let me know in the comments below if I should!