In my studio, I use a USB cable from my camera to the computer as a way to use Capture One’s tethering engine. In order to give me full flexibility, this cable is really long (about 4 meters in length). Recently (it did also happen before but less frequently), the connection between my Sony a7 and my MacBook Pro (running Capture One Pro 8.3.2) was constantly dropping and this really hurts the flow of the shoot and it is really annoying.

I am not sure if the really long cable eats some of the power provided by the laptop’s USB port and, so, not enough remains the sustain the connection or if it is a software problem. So I decided to test whether or not using a short USB cable would make the connection less troublesome.

TetherBoost Core Controller 

I concluded that the shorter wire does improve the stability of the connection. The only problem is that, well, the wire’s short and that’s rather inconvenient. So, I found that TetherTools make a product, named the TetherBoost Core Controller that adds the lost power into your wire and make for a better connection. I think this should solve the connectivity issues while at the same time letting me use a long cable.

So, if you have tethering problems, try the TetherBoost Core Controller! Do you shoot tethered? With Lightroom, Capture One or another program? Let us know below!