When you think of Photoshop, you probably have photography or perhaps design in mind. Those are the main industries in which Photoshop is used. However, a lot more professions have a use for the software. Some tools, which are not very much used by us photographers are useful in medicine, for example. Here are three of Photoshop’s lesser known tools. You might just find a new use for them!

Count Tool

This tool, grouped in the same group as the Eyedropper tool in the Toolbar, does exactly what its name says. You can drop numbers on a photo. You can change the size of the little dot and of the number at its right. It also allows you to change the numbers’ colour. A use case for photography that I can reckon right now is as a way to mark which parts of the image needs retouching.

Smudge Tool

Very similar to the Liquify filter, the Smudge tool gives you a distorting brush so you can work on your photos. The differences that I see with the Liquify filter is that the Smudge tool adds a bit of blur to your strokes whereas the Liquify filter only distorts the file. Secondly, the filter leaves you with a lot more options. The Smudge tool is located in the same group as the Blur and Sharpen group. If you want something quicker and easier to use than the Liquify filter, this is the tool to choose.

Magic Eraser Tool

This last tool is used to remove pixels in an image that are of a similar colour in one click. For example, you can erase all of the blue skies and replace it with a more interesting one. To change how much or how little the eraser tool removes, try playing a bit with the Tolerance setting. It is grouped with the regular Eraser tool.

To be honest, I don’t often utilize these three tools. However, it is interesting to note that Photoshop has more to offer than thought.

What lesser known tool do you employ? Let us know in the comments below!